Kern Covid-19 death toll passes 900

By Doug Keeler (
Taft Midway Driller

Kern County's death toll from the Covid-19 pandemic went over 900 on Tuesday as the Kern County Health Department reported 25 additional death.

The 25 deaths came from December and January during the winter surge.

So far 103,622 people have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the county, but most have recovered. The health department said 95,30 people are either recovered or presumed recovered.

In the entire county, there are 7,320 isolating at home and 151 people in hospitals.

In Taft, 1,646 people have contracted the disease but 1,475 have recovered, leaving only 171 active cases in the community.

Maricopa has 101 total cases with 91 recoveries, Fellows-Derby Acres has 39 cases with 33 recoveries and McKittrick has 22 cases with 17 recoveries.

To date in Kern County as a whole, the health department said there have been 62,537 cases among people 18 to 49 years old; People between 50 and 64 account for 18,902 cases and there are 9,655 cases among people 65 and older, according to the department. In addition, 12,462 children who have tested positive for the virus.