Large homeless camp cleaned up in Sandy Creek

By Doug Keeler (
Taft Midway Driller
Large amount of trash and debris was left behind after residents removed items and left before cleanup started

City public works crew went to work Friday morning cleaning up a large homeless camp in Sandy Creek behind the Creekside Apartments.

The camps was full of miscellaneous items, ranging from a large box spring to wood, metal, including drain pipes, several five gallon water jogs and many other items.

Crews used a backhoe to help haul the junk out of the ditch.

Crews moving items out of creek bed behind Creekside Apartments.

Friday's cleanup is part of an ongoing process.

The crews periodically check Sandy Creek and clean up the camps as they are found.

The residents are notified of the cleanup in advance and most remove what they can carry.

City officials sayd they are numerous campus up and down Sandy Creek as far east as at least Gardner Field Road and there are several in another draininge ditch that runs just north of Gardner Field Road.

Police were called to cleanup to see if some items found had been reported stolen.