Kern County to charge for loads left uncovered

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Beginning July 1, 2021, the Kern County Public Works Department will be charging $5.00 per ton, with a $5.00 minimum per load fee, for vehicles that come to any of its disposal facilities with an untarped or unsecured load.

In recent years, the Department has noticed an uptick in customers visiting County disposal facilities where their vehicles arrived with loads untarped or unsecured. The issue with improperly covered vehicles results in fly-away litter and bulky items spilling out onto roadways causing hazardous scenarios for other travelers and often leaves a trail of litter leading to disposal facilities. The goal of the Unsecured/Untarped Load Fee is to achieve 100 percent compliance, which means that all vehicles transporting waste to county disposal facilities will need to properly tarp and secure their trash loads.

Kern County Municipal Ordinance Code – 8.28.070 requires, under County law, any person transporting trash loads be secured and tarped, or fines of up to $1,000 can be imposed on violators. Canvases and plastic tarps, rope, and bungee cords are simple tools residents can use to completely cover and or secure their trash during transport.

kern County Public Works.

“One way to we can keep Kern beautiful is to properly tarp and secure your refuse on your way to the County disposal facilities. Kern is a beautiful County if we all work together to keep it that way,” says Tony Bonanno, Manager, Kern County Public Works Department.

To help reduce litter, Public Works will actively check vehicles arriving at disposal facilities to ensure they comply with properly tarping and securing their trash loads. Violators will be assessed a load fee penalty; however, they will also be receiving the tools and educational information to help properly tarp and secure their trash loads upon their next visit and thereafter.