Man pleads no contest to attempt to escape from patrol car

Taft Midway Driller

A Taft man has pleaded no contest to vandalism and attempted escape charges filed after Taft Police said he tried to break out of a patrol car transporting him from Taft to Kern County Jail in Bakersfield.

Kenneth Dean Patton and another man, identified as Matthew Boller were arrested by Taft Police on June 11 in the 300 block of Naylor.

Patton was wanted on three felony warrants, taft Police Sgt. Corely Beilby said.

Boller originally gave officers a false name, Beilby said, but officers were able to ascertain his identity and arrest hom on warrants from Bakersfield.

Boller ran from officers while handcuffered, Beielby said, but was quickly caught.

Both men were taken to the Taft jail and later were being transferred to the centrl receving facility in Bakersifled.

While en route, Patton attempted to kick the door of the police acar openn, Beilbly said

the officer pulled over on Highay 43 and, a short time later, whith the aid of another Taft Police officer and a CHP officer, patton was secured and placked in leg restraints and taken to the jail in Bakersfield.

The door on the patrol car was damaged but has been repaired.

On June 15, according to Kern County Superior Court records. Patton pleaded no contest to vandalism and escape charges and is scheduled to be sentenced on July 22.

He is being held without bail.