TUHS football heads to Delano for scrimmage

By Jonah Armstrong
Taft Midway Driller
Wildcats working out as season draws near

Friday evening the Taft Union High Wildcats will be scrimmaging against Delano High School and Mira Monte High.

It will be the first contact for the TUHS team in almost two years.

The TUHS varsity has around 35 players and the junior varsity has over 50, players ready to hit the field.

“We are excited to play against someone else this week” said Head Coach Brian Durkan.

Coaches are looking to make refinements on both sides of the ball as they start to push into the season. Friday's scrimmage will probe for any vulnerabilities that may have gone under their radar.

“We want to play with maximum effort. This will be their first time on film so that we can evaluate where we are before Kern Valley .” Durkan said

When asked further about the strengths and weaknesses on the team Durkan said only the team is looking to improve everyday with “…maximum effort.”

Defense is going to look similar to what we saw two years ago. Durkan even hinted that we might see some new twists here and there.

As much as skill can make a difference in a game, so does size. The question being what the focus is on the offensive and defensive line. Durkan said the team is good on the line.

“We’re concentrating on quickness on the D line. But we don’t think we are going to get pushed around," he said.

It is a unique situation and expectations high for the team we’ll have to see what Durkan’s Cats bring to the field.