Taft Union teachers, students impacted by COVID

By Doug Keeler Midway Driller Editor dkeeler@taftmidwaydriller.com @midwaydriller
Taft Union High School

Taft Union High School has been impacted by COVID-19-19 in the opening days of the school year.

The school has had to cancel a football game and postpone Back to School Night.

Supt. Jason Hodgson said "a small number of students and staff" have tested positive for COVID-19-19 since school started on Aug. 18.

He said TUHS had 95 percent attendance on Monday.

But enough varsity football players were exposed that TUHS had to cancel the season-opening game against Kern Valley High just a few hours before kickoff.

The school has also postponed a back-to-school night that was scheduled for Monday.

And enough teachers have been impacted that some classes have been told to to meet in the school auditorium where classes are supervised by administrators.

Late Sunday, the school announced on its Facebook page that the back-to-school night had been postponed until Sept. 20.

Hodgson didn't want to release the number of students and teachers who have tested positive or been exposed.

Most, he said, were still at school in modified quarantine.

The California Department of Public Health has guidelines that allow some people exposed to COVID-19 to attend school.

They must wear masks at all times, cannot participate in any extracurricular activities and must be tested.

COVID-19 first became a problem on Friday when the football game against Kern Valley was canceled

TUHS announced it on the football team's Facebook page.

"(Friday night's) Varsity Football game vs. Kern Valley has been cancelled due to COVID-19 protocols,” the post said. “Players that have been impacted by COVID-19 protocols have been notified."

Parents were invited to a meeting later that day and told to wear masks.

The team is scheduled to play a game against California City on Friday. That game was still on Monday evening, Hodgson said, but that could change. He said the two schools will be in daily contact and make a decision later this week.

California City's Aug. 20 game against Fillmore was also canceled.

Taft is also scheduled to host Highland in volleyball on Thursday.