Oildorado Store to open on Sept. 24

From Taft Oildorado Inc.
A preview of some of the clothing that will go on sale when the Oildorado Store opens on Friday.

When Oildorado 2020 was postponed due to Covid and restrictions were placed on gatherings for events, the Executive Board had to decide the proper course of action for our community. The Oildorado Board re-evaluated what was needed to move forward and explored ways to bring our traditional events back. Ultimately, we knew a celebration was in order and are excited that the time has come to finally celebrate Oildorado 2020, in 2021.

Oildorado takes place October 8-17, 2021. No celebration is complete without the Headquarters Store and Lounge. The Grand Opening of the Headquarters Store will be held on Friday, September 24 at 10am. Oildorado Headquarters is located at 501 North Street and includes the Store, Lounge, and Event Center.

Beginning at 10am, a special “pipe-cutting ceremony” will signal the Official start Oildorado 2021. The board of directors, volunteers, Maids of Petroleum, Posse and Wooden Nickel Gang will be joined by elected officials, local business owners, and the community to celebrate the occasion.

Past President Eric Cooper, now serving as a Vice President, knows the magnitude of what it takes to plan the event, but also what it takes to navigate the needs of the store. He understands the complexities of merchandising the store including dealing with and ordering from multiple vendors, designing an appealing façade to enhance the shopping experience, and organizing volunteers to complete the work and stock and run the store.

Oildorado is grateful for every volunteer who has put in any number of hours to make the event space functional with a clear direction and clean space. Rene Adamo, Vicki Howard, Brandon Farkas, the entire Executive Board, and other visionaries have been dedicated to making the store, lounge, and event center an attractive venue space.

President Shannon Miller has remained optimistic that Oildorado 2021 will closely resemble prior celebrations, with slight modifications. Even though some features and attractions are not happening due to permitting issues or lack of employees, there will be lots to do between now and the end of October. The Posse and Wooden Nickel Gang will begin rounding up those who should be arrested, the Maids and Melodrama participants will be putting the final touches on their performances, the Whiskerino and Tessie Garratt contestants will be finalizing their grooming techniques and style for the contests, and the store will be open with tickets, event schedule, and more.

If you are unable to join us for the store grand opening on Friday, September 24, 2021 at 10am, there are plenty of other opportunities to visit the store throughout Oildorado. Check out www.taftoildorado.com for additional information.