Kern COVID-19 Update: Four more deaths, 72 new cases

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Taft Midway Driller
Taft Midway Driller

Four more COVID-19 deaths and 72 new cases of the virus were reported in Kern County Wednesday morning.

That raises the death toll to 51 and the total case count to 2,952.

That includes10 non residents who have tested positive while in Kern County.

In the Taft area, one new COVID-19 cases was reported, raising the total to 28 with 16 recoveries.

No new cases were reported in western Kern County.

The number of people hospitalized in the county increased by four to 53, according to Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop

Alsop point out that almost 90 percent of the 35,138 county residents who have been tested for the coronavirus have tested negative and of the 2,942 residents who have tested positive, 96 percent have either completely recovered or are recovering on their own at home.