COVID-19 update: 7 new COVID-19 case in Taft Saturday

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Taft Midway Driller
Taft Midway Driller

COVID-19 cases continue to increase rapidly in Kern County and Taft has a sharp one day increase the Kern County Health Department reported.

Two more deaths were reported, raising the toll to 60

Seven new cases were reported in Taft area according to health department figures released Saturday.

The 93268 zip code has 46 total cases, but 25 have recovered, leaving the area with 21 active cases.

No new cases

Overall, the county has more than 200 new cases in the past two days. The health department reported 116 cases Friday and 87 more on Friday. The county now has 3,893 cases but about two-thirds, 2,624, have recovered.

Sixty-four people were hospitalized Saturday morning, and another 1,045 were recovering in isolation at home, the health department said.