Kern adds 495 new COVID-19 cases

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Taft Midway Driller
Taft Midway Driller

Kern County Public Health Director Matt Constantine said this week that there would be a huge increase in reported COVID-19 cases as testing increased an more health department workers worked on compiling and evaluating test results and it started on Saturday with nearly 500 new cases being confirmed in the county.

The health department reported 495 new cases, boosting the county total to 7,738 total cases since the first case was reported four months ago.

The health department said 4,719 people have recovered.

Another 2,729 people with active COVID-19 cases are recovering at home. There were 175 people in the hospital as of Friday, according to the health department.

The county death toll stands at 105.

So far 90 cases have been reported in the Taft area. Sixty have recovered, leaving 30 active cases here. There are five total cases in the Maricopa area with three recoveries and one recovered case in the Fellows-Derby Acres area, according to health department statistics.