COVID-19 update: Taft area has 19 new cases, county adds more than 700 Sunday

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Taft Midway Driller
Taft Midway Driller

More testing and faster tabulation of the results is dramatically increasing the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The Kern County Health Department reported 19 new cases in the Taft area Sunday and 719 in all of Kern County.

The 93268 zip code now has 109 total COVID cases with 48 cases still active and 61 recovered, according to health department figures.

The Maricopa area (93252) has two active cases and three recoveries. The Fellows-Derby Acres area has one recovered case. No cases have been reported in McKittrick.

The entire county now has 8,447 total cases, an increase of more than 1,200 this weekend.

So far 4,736 people have recovered, 105 people have died, 149 patients were in the hospital and 3,457 people with active COVID-19 were isolating at home, according to the health department.

The rapid increase in COVID-19 cases in the county caused by the testing and evaluations is putting Kern in danger of going back on the state watch list which would result in many businesses that reopened shutting down again.

In addition, it could keep local schools from implementing a hybrid educational program that brings students back to the campus two days a week and force them to stay with distance learning.

If a county is on the watch list, according to Gov. Gavin Newsom's new guidelines laid out Friday, schools would be forced to close and could not reopen until a county is off the watch list for two weeks.