Taft Union to stay on distance learning for 2 weeks

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Taft Midway Driller

Taft Union High School District students will not return to limited in-person attendance as soon as the Christmas break is over.

Instead, they will go back to distance learning for two weeks in a sort of self-imposed quarantine.

School will resume on distance-learning on Jan. 4 and then the hybrid on campus instruction will follow on Tuesday, Jan. 19 after the Martin Luther King holiday.

Superintendent Blanca Cavazos said the district is making the move to ensure a smooth transition back to the classroom two weeks after the spring semester starts.

"We assume folks are going to want to be with their families over the holidays and this is going to increase COVID exposure," Cavazos told the Board of Trustees Monday night.

The "built-in quarantine" will cut the danger of spread on the campus.

"Our hope is when we come back on Jan. 19 we will be ready to go and we won't have to interrupt our instruction because of exposures," Cavazos said.

She was asked about a timetable for a return to normal, full-time in-person instruction and said it's too early to think about that.

Kern County is currently in the purple tier and the COVID-19 situation would have to improve dramatically before the hybrid model TUHS is using would be modified and students return to attending seven classes instead of just one homeroom.

"If you have students attending seven classes, one (COVID-positive) student could shut down seven classes," she said.