Taft COVID-19 cases rise to 1,093

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Taft Midway Driller
Taft Midway Driller

The spread of COVID-19 continues in western Kern County.

Taft added 49 new cases in the past week and eight in the past 24 hours and now has 1,093 cases reported. Out of those, 358 are recovered or presumed recovered.

Kern County added 608 new cases on Tuesday after more than 1,000 were reported the day before. County hospital had 317 COVID-19 patients hospitalized through Monday afternoon.

The county has 518 deaths. Six new deaths were reported on Monday and no new deaths were reported Tuesday.

The county now has 72,808 total cases with 20,841 recovered, the Kern County Health Department reported on its website.

Maricopa has 64 total cases with 24 recovered or presumed recovered.

The McKittrick area, with just 243 residents, has 16 cases and no reported recoveries.

The Fellows-Derby Acres area has 14 total cases with three recoveries.