Registration creates traffic jam

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Taft Midway Driller
Car line up for blocks to get students registered at Taft Union High School Monday.

By Doug Keeler

Midway Driller Editor

Taft Union High School's drive-through registration created a massive traffic jam Monday.

Cars and trucks for the 1000 or so students enrolled in the TUHS District lined up in a serpentine line that stretched for blocks and lasted up to two hours just to get on to the campus to sign students up.

Taft Police were called to help with the traffic tie up after at least one business on Sixth Street called to complain their customers couldn't get into the store.

Registration at Lincoln and Roosevelt went on nearby, conducted in-person with much shorter lines of people but a lengthy wait for a time at Roosevelt..

The TUHS registration, however, created the long line that stretched block after block.

The line started eastbound on the 600 block of Warren,went south on Sixth to the 600 block of , San Emidio, then south on Wildcat Way to Lucard, west on the 700 block of Lucard, then south on Eighth to San Emidio and finally northbound on Wildcat way to the entrance between the science building an band room where the cars entered the campus.

Online school starts on Thursday at TUHS and on Aug. 17 for the Taft City School District.

Cars in a line stretching from Warren to San Emidio Street on Monday